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99 Wonderland Park Tickets

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99 Wonderland Park

The 99 Wonderland park is a recreational landmark and a wildlife park where tourists can interact with animals and enjoy looking at various attractions. One of the famous attractions here is the magical bridge which is an absolutely stunning spot with illuminated lights under the stars.

The Wonderland is home to many different species of animals including meerkats, deers, monster fish, crocodiles, iguanas, ostriches, and many more. If you are going along with kids, You can also go on a treasure hunt to look at your favorite animals.

One of the most popular attractions here is the bird island with many unique birds from all around the world including peacocks, parrots, swans, flamingos, and many more. You can also head over to the duck lagoon area where you can see many ducks freely roaming around. Kids will love to visit the Dinosaur Park which has a pair of Tyrannosauruses standing at a height of 3.5 meters. The 99 wonderland Park tickets also give you access to the beautiful lake where you can go on a river cruise as you experience the calm and cool breeze.

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While you can always purchase the 99 wonderland park tickets in person, buying tickets online helps you avoid standing in a queue at the ticket counter. Purchasing online tickets will help you save some time and you can also avail additional discounts online, making your trip budget-friendly. There are two types of 99 Wonderland Park tickets. You had to choose between a morning and an evening session. The night-time at 99 Wonderland Park is incredibly spectacular, with LED lights illuminating the park, with the bridge being one of the finest sites to take photos.

This 25-acre recreational park has an open concept where the visitors can interact with wildlife animals and also pet and feed them. With over 99 species of animals, the 99 Wonderland Park tickets give access to over 34 attractions. You can also find many Kiosks around the lake where you grab a quick bite and drink. You can also find a Surao which is a prayer room for Muslims. Also enjoy LED lights, a Musical dancing fountain along with the beautiful landscapes offered by the park.

Attractions In 99 Wonderland Park

The 99 Wonderland Park is a major tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur and is very near to another iconic landmark and destination the Batu caves. You can find many animal attractions here such as the Duck Lagoon, Deer yard, Bird square, Ostrich farm, Hatchery and incubator room i.e the Bird island, and a Rabbit House. There are also many man-made attractions such as the amazing sky fountain near the Lake area, the magical bridge which is illuminated by lights at night, the T-rex dinosaur park, the Golden waterfall, 12 Zodiac zones, and also a river cruise.

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99 Dinosaur Park

The 99 Wonderland Park ticket price gives you access to 99 Dinosaur Park which has a majestic pair of Tyrannosauruses standing at a height of 3.5 meters and is a major attraction for kids. You can find many families with kids taking photos.

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Wild Island

The Wild Island is another major attraction where you can find animals such as sun bears and meerkats, with zones for the deers and ostrich, crocodiles, as well as admirable iguanas. The 99 wonderland park is home to over 99 species of animals and birds where you can also get personal with these animals and even pet and feed them.

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Magical Bridge

The magical bridge is an amazing place if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner. The 158-meter-long, magical bridge is a must-visit at night when the complete place is illuminated with lights. Couples are often seen purchasing a lock and locking it on the bridge hoping that their wishes come true.

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99 wonderland Park tickets
Paddle boat ride

If you are someone who loves activities, then you need to hop over to the paddle boat ride, on the beautiful lake. You can also go on a river cruise and enjoy the fresh breeze and lovely atmosphere. The boat ride takes place every day and you can experience an authentic Paddle boat ride any given time of the day.

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Golden Waterfall

Most of them here believe that the Gold color symbolizes fortune and brings good luck to people. 99 Wonderland Park has an amazing 115-meter-long golden waterfall where tourists can walk through and be blessed with good luck and wealth.

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99 wonderland Park tickets
Snake House

This one-of-a-kind snake house is guarded by professional vet technicians. The snakes here are taken care of during the entire hatching process with an incubator which helps hatch different kinds of eggs. This is also an education center for kids where they learn many things, where children under the age of 12 years need a parent or guardian to enter.

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FAQs for 99 Wonderland Park Tickets

Why is 99 Wonderland Park so popular?

The 99 Wonderland Park tickets provide you admission to various man-made attractions such as waterfalls and the dinosaur zone, which is especially popular with children. The tourists can see animals wandering freely in a setting that closely resembles their natural habitat, as well as pet or feed them. This is also a fantastic location for photography.

What is the best time to visit 99 Wonderland Park?

The best time to visit the park is during the afternoon as the crowd is less and you can enjoy the afternoon sun and take some amazing pictures!

What are the timings for 99 Wonderland Park?

The park is open from Mon to Thurs: 6.00 PM to 9.30 PM Weekends and Public Holidays: 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM

What are the age requirements to enter 99 Wonderland Park?

Any child below the age of 12 needs to have a parent or guardian in certain zones.

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