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MinNature Malaysia is a very unique museum located in Subang Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia. What makes the museum unique is the display of miniature models of all the important landmarks of Malaysia. It is home to the third largest indoor mini model train set in the world with a collection of vintage trains and expertly crafted models of the trains. There are 19 zones and exhibitions at MinNature Malaysia that are based on different themes like humans, lifestyle, animals, etc. on a scale of 1:87. It is giving an educational tour of the museum where people can learn about the cultures and traditions; science and technology of Malaysia with over 1000 miniature structures and over 5000 characters. There are various live models like moving trains, working solar panels, a volcano, a power plant that generates electricity, and several others that are bagged by lights and sounds to make them feel even more lively. For kids visiting with you, there are various treasure hunt games that they have to solve using various clues at different places. Every week there is a new exhibit at MinNature Malaysia so that people see something different every time they visit this amazing museum in Malaysia.

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MinNature Malaysia is a rare kind of museum, hence the tickets are always in high demand and get sold out within no time. You can book your MinNature Malaysia tickets upon reaching the museum but you might have to wait for hours in a long queue to get your tickets. Hence, it is always advised to book your tickets online at your convenience and ease as you can get direct entry to the museum if you already have your tickets. MinNature Malaysia is a location where we may celebrate the amazing cultural heritage that makes Malaysians such a humble population. Enter this little universe and let MinNature Malaysia's attention to detail captivate you. All the attractions within the museum are included in your tickets and you can also choose for a particular time slot which suits your trip schedule. Make the most of your trip by saving time and money on your tickets as you grab various deals and discounts while booking your tickets with us.

Attractions at MinNature Malaysia

The MinNature Malaysia is a one-of-its-kind museum that is loved by not only the local Malaysians but also by the tourists. Malaysians take pride in the museum as the exhibits and displays portray the traditions and cultures that are the roots of every Malaysian native. All the miniature models are made by skilled artists who pay attention to even the smallest details and design everything with intricate designs. All the themes and zones filled with beautiful structures and characters will blow your mind and will make you love the culture of Malaysia.

Open Display
Open Display

The MinNature Malaysia Museum has been inspired by the European style exhibition style of the ‘open museum’. Here, the people visiting will get one of the most unique experiences as they will get to view the models and miniature structures up close openly. There are over 40 moving trains on display that run on a track of 2600 feet, making it one of the largest model train sets in Asia. There are over 1000 structures that you can see on display in the museum, each designed intricately.

Mini in the Glass Wall
Mini in the Glass Wall

There are various scenes and zones on display at MinNature Malaysia but there are five dioramas that are placed inside a glass structure almost similar to an aquarium. There are over 50 easter eggs of various themes that are placed with miniature structures to decorate the settings and add a special touch to them. If you go close to the dioramas then you will get to listen to the story of each diorama being said. All the dioramas have different stories and themes that portray the culture and traditions of the country of Malaysia.

Taste of Taste of Malaysia
Taste of Malaysia

MinNature Malaysia is said to have the best miniature replica of food items and cuisines in the world. There are various dishes and recipes made in the form of miniature models that almost look real. This section focuses on the authentic cuisine of the country of Malaysia and you can see various food items on display as well. You can also learn about the recipes of various dishes to try at home.

The People Of Malaysia
The People of Malaysia

Malaysia is known to be one of the most diverse countries where people from various cultures and backgrounds live. In the section on the People of Malaysia, you can see the diversified cultures in Malaysia. You will find miniature people that are proper Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, and even various indigenous tribes like Sabah and Sarawak, and several other tribes and communities. You will get to see the people co-existing with each other and living and enjoying each other’s traditions.

Working Models
Working Models

This section of MinNature Malaysia focuses on educating people on techniques, technology, and science in Malaysia. Along with running miniature trains, there are various other interactive miniature models like factories and volcanoes. You will learn about the technology of various things such as how they are made and how they work. There is a power generation plant that can light up lights and other factories that show the science behind the products. Keep an eye on the trains and check the stations they go through and get mesmerized by the beauty and advancement in it with your kids.

Workshops And Fun Activities
Workshops and Fun Activities

There are various workshops and fun activities for adults and kids alike for them, to have even more fun at MinNature Malaysia. Adults can participate in workshops that will teach them about 3D printing while kids can play games of Treasure Hunts or Find the Missing Miniature. The Treasure Hunt games are the most hit as the kids have to follow interesting clues to find the hidden objects in the museum. You can also take a tour of the Multimedia room, picture booth, and souvenir shop at MinNature Malaysia.

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MinNature Malaysia

Location: MUF-1, Level 1, Sungei Wang Plaza. Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Timings: Monday to Sunday- 10 am to 10 pm, last admission- 8 pm.

Tips to Visit MinNature Malaysia

MinNature Malaysia
  • A lot of people visit MinNature Malaysia during weekends, so it is advised you visit the museum on weekdays to avoid crowds.
  • It is advised you visit the museum with your kids as they will love to see the miniature versions of real-life things and the science behind them.
  • You will get various photogenic places so bring your cameras and phones fully charged.
  • Children under the age of four are admitted free to MinNature Malaysia.
  • You can enroll your kids in the local workshop as well for better understanding of the culture and traditions of the country.

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