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Museum Of Illusion

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About Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has many attractions that must interest your visit but amongst them all the most intriguing one is the Museum Of Illusion. It's a different kind of museum as it would teach you different aspects of science by letting you experience various exciting illusionary experiences. At the museum there are more than 80 illusionary exhibits where you can be tricked about your body size, length, if you're standing erect or tilted at an angle, etc. The other exciting thing at the museum is its smart playroom where you’d find yourself indulging in various tricky and fun activities that would blow your mind. Inside the gallery of the museum there are installed Holograms and Optical illusions, these are paintings which would do tricks to your head. The other installations that shouldn’ be missed at all are Kaleidoscope in which you see several reflections of your dancing. Take a close at Rubin’s vase which has several faces hidden in its curves, the infinity tunnel would never let you reach the end point. And, at ‘head of the platter’ illusion you’d see yourself being served as dinner on a plate. It’s advisable to book your Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets online to avoid standing in long queues and enjoy visit hassle free.

Book Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur Tickets

Museum Of Illusion

You can book Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets either online or offline at the premises. But it’s advisable to book the tickets online, it would save your time as you won’t have to stand in queues for a long time to acquire tickets. Not only that, you can also redeem discounts on booking Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets online and make your visit more affordable. It’s advisable to check refund and cancellation policy before booking the tickets. You’d receive confirmation for Illusion Museum KL tickets within one business hour of successful booking. As you book your Illusion Museum KL tickets, get assured of an entertaining visit into the illusionary museum where you would learn a lot while having fun. The museum has many illusionary rooms like Kaleidoscope, Infinity Wall, the Vortex Tunnel, Infinity Room, Tricky rings and Optical illusions which would trick your mind. Other interesting things that you could do at the museum with your Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets is exploring the smart playroom. At the playroom there are arranged, a range of tricky games which would blow your mind. You can even buy interesting and unique souvenirs at the smart shop of the museum.

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Zones at Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur

Smart Playroom
Smart Playroom

Museum might sometimes get boring to go to but it’s not the case with Museum Of Illusion in Kuala Lumpur where you not only learn about illusion but also have fun. Inside the smart playroom of the museum you would indulge yourself in exciting games like Dilemma which would throw you into a state of utter confusion and wooden puzzles. Other interesting games that might blow your mind would be brain teasers, impossible knots, mathematical games and much more to exercise your brain with. The games are designed such that not only kids but also adults would get busy finding solutions to puzzles that seemed impossible to solve in the beginning.

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Smart Shop
Smart shop

Buy some illusionary presents for your loved ones or maybe as memorabilia from the smart shop of the museum. At this unique shop you’d find so many interesting souvenirs to take home. You may choose from the intriguing wooden puzzles to educational toys for kids that would keep them busy at home. The most favourite gift that suits people across all ages is 3D lighting. There is a good variety of usual merchandise options available at the museum like T-Shirts, Gifts, tickets, pencils, gift cards, etc.

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Know before you book Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur

Essential Information
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit

  • Location- Ansa Hotel 1st&2nd floor, 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Timings- The Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur operates between 10 AM to 10 PM throughout the week.
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Exhibits at Museum Of Illusion Kuala Lumpur

Museum Of Illusions

Find yourself lost in the world of exciting surprises brought by the different illusionary paintings and rooms at the museum. There are a total of 16 interesting exhibits, offering you an unique experience. Explore the amazing ‘Chair of Illusion’, as you sit over the chair in the room you find your body size would appear smaller from afar. The artist says it happens due to the law of perception which suggests that size of a person depends on the objects surrounding it. Move back and forth in the ‘Ames Room’ and your body size would grow or shrink with the movement, it’s so because the illusion plays with your perpetual understanding of depth. In the ‘Titled Room’, everybody seems standing titled even though they stand erect, physics explains the reason behind the illusion. The most exciting illusionary room is the ‘Reversed Room’ where you’d be captured upside down in camera. There are still more wonders left to experience at the Illusion Kuala Lumpur like Kaleidoscope, Infinity Wall, the Vortex Tunnel, Infinity Room, Tricky rings and Optical illusions.

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FAQs for Museum Of Illusion

What is special about the Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur?

The various illusionary installations, images and rooms make the Museum of Illusion an interesting place to visit. Here, you’d not only have fun with illusions but also get to learn about the principles of physics behind them.

Is the price for Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets the same for all?

No, the prices for Illusion Museum KL tickets vary for people of different age groups.

How to reach the Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur?

  • By Bus- You can board a bus with route numbers Kl120, Kl9 and Kl1950. You can board the bus and drop at the nearest bus stations like Swiss Garden Hotel, Wisma Boustead and Residensi Kia Peng, which are five minutes away from the museum.
  • By Monorail- Bukit Bintang is the closest station to reach the Museum of Illusion. You can board a monorail on the MRT Kajang Line.
  • By Road- You can reach the destination from the city centre which is at a 3.6 km distance in a short time via Jln Sultan Ismail.

Where can I purchase Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets?

You can purchase the Museum of Illusion Kuala Lumpur tickets at the counter or online through our website. We recommend that booking the tickets online would help you in hassle free entry into the museum as well as acquire enough discounts to make your visit more affordable.

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