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Sunway Lagoon Tickets

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Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is the one-stop destination for fun, thrills, and excitement with over 90 attractions. It promises a fun-filled day for visitors of all ages, with six adventure zones, including an amusement park, wildlife park, water park, extreme park, scream park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Experience the ultimate theme park experience by booking your Sunway Lagoon tickets online.

Cool off and splash through various rides in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park's Water Park's African Waters. On the Tomahawk and Pirate's Revenge rides, observe the world from a different perspective or take a thrilling ride on Malaysia's longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge. Visit Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Asia’s 1st Nickelodeon themed land to experience some thrilling water adventures.

The Extreme Park is where you can enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities, while the Wildlife Park is where you can get up close and personal with over 150 animal species from around the world.

After you've had your fill of adrenaline rush and adventures, including in the Sunway Lagoon package, explore the theme park's many food options. Book Sunway Lagoon online tickets and get ready to have a blast with wet rapids, creepy masked entertainers, and high-octane activities.


Attractions at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, with six theme parks and over 90 rides and attractions, is a must-see for thrill seekers. Its amusement park is ideal for adrenaline junkies, and its waterpark is one of the best places in Malaysia to escape the tropical heat. Visitors to the Wildlife Park can engage with animals while they can experience some horrific encounters at the Scream Park. The first Nickelodeon theme park provides a variety of thrills and activities, and X Park is the place to go for some ultimate fun. With so much excitement and activities, it's no surprise that Sunway Lagoon is regarded as one of Malaysia's best theme amusement parks.

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Amusement Park

Visit the Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park with Sunway Lagoon tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll experience a panorama like no other as you walk over Malaysia's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, and get a taste of excitement with your kids at Apache Pots or Wagon Wheel. When you spin on the Pirate's Revenge or Tomahawk 360 degrees, you'll get a new view of the world. Ride the roller coaster and scream your heart out and explore Fun World to take your family for a fun day out!

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Sunway Lagoon Tickets
Water Park

The Sunway Lagoon Water Park is spectacular, with out-of-this-world slides developed just for thrill seekers. The park offers everything from a head-first descent down the Congo Challenge to a spin around the African Pythons and shooting down the Cameron Climb. Learn to scuba dive from Titan Scuba Asia or surf and wakeboard at the FlowRider. Take your kids to Little Zimbabwe for some water fun or have some ultimate thrills at the eleven-story Vuvuzela. Whether you're young or elderly, adrenaline seeker or beach bum, Sunway Lagoon tickets offer something for everyone here.

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Sunway Lagoon Tickets
Scream Park

The Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is definitely for the brave, with its multi-level horror house themed on Ghostbusters' terror and eerie stories. The 20-minute adventure begins at the Ghostbusters Adventure then continues to the New York Subway, Seward Street Station, and Old Zhu's Chinese Restaurant. The walk also passes via Rowan's Basement, Times Square, and the Mercado Hotel before entering the actual and calm world. One of the world's scariest festivals is held here every Halloween season, allowing thrill seekers to scream and be horrified.

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Nickelodeon lost lagoon

The Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Asia's first Nickelodeon Theme Park, is an enchanted fantasy world featuring water coasters, water playgrounds, campsites, and a canopy walk. There are about 12 rides, diverse rainforests, and numerous adventurous areas. SpongeBob Splash has slides and catch, Jungle Fury features surprising drops, and Monsoon 360 features vertical free-fall. Splish Splash has thrilling water slides, Primeval is an all-around Lost Lagoon Journey, Hippo Valley river leisure, and the Explorer's Campsite is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Sunway lagoon wildlife park

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park, which features 150 species from around the world, lets visitors meet, feed, and engage with numerous species of animals while learning about their lives and habitats. You can experience and learn here with Sunway Lagoon Tickets, from seeing the magnificent blue-eyed White Tigers to wild experiences with lions, pythons, tigers, panthers, and many others. Other attractions include the New Snake Area, Bird Savannah, Tiger Land, Pet Village, Jungle Trail, Tree Top Terrace, etc.

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X Park Sunway Lagoon

With Sunway Lagoon tickets, you can enter this location, which is ideal for thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, and fans of extreme sports. The best set of adventure activities can be found at Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park, from the longest Flying Fox to headfirst leap, Bungee Jump, and Asia's highest slingshot ride, G-Force X, with a speed of 0.120 km per hour. Other sports accessible in the park include Go Karting, Pedal Boating, Archery, and Paintball Target Shooting, all of which add to the park's extreme thrills.

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Rides at Sunway Lagoon Park

The word 'lagoon' refers to a tiny or artificial lake adjoining a bigger one, and the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is made up of numerous such sections. With thrilling rides such as the Vuvuzela, Pirate's Revenge, Waterplexx 5D, Sharknado Alive, SpongeBob Splash Adventure, and many others, it's a one-stop destination to enjoy some extreme thrills. Pirate's Revenge is a 360-degree spinning pirate ship, while Bungy Jump allows you to take the ultimate leap of faith. Vuvuzela is the world's largest Vortex Ride, and Waterplexx 5D provides an unforgettable ride and cinematic experience. With over 90 rides spread across six themed parks, you won't be able to attempt them all in one day with the Sunway Lagoon package.

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Vuvuzela- (Water Park)

Vuvuzela in the Water Park is the world's largest vortex ride, allowing you to dive inside the beast's belly. You'll be launched from an 11-story tower, fall through tumultuous water like rapids with twists and turns, and finally plummet into Malaysia's largest water roller coaster, where you'll be devoured by the beast Vuvuzela.

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Sunway Lagoon Tickets
Pirate’s Revenge- (Amusement park)

You don't have to be drenched to have a good time. Pirate's Revenge is a 360-degree revolving pirate ship in the style of a galleon in the World of Adventure Zone of the Amusement Park. Turn upside down from the ground, witness the world from a great height, and sample the rush in your adrenaline.

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Waterplexx 5D (Water Park)

At the Waterplexx 5D in the Water Park, enjoy a thrilling ride and great cinematic experience unlike any other as you travel through the ultimate multi-sensory voyage loaded with excitement and splashes! The Waterplexx 5D claims to be truly wet and wild, with wind, mist, fog, sprays, water jets, fountains, lasers, light, 3D visual, sound, and action.

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Sharknado Alive! (Scream Park)

Prepare for a JAWSOME experience at the Scream Park's newest attraction, Sharknado Alive. It allows you to take a studio tour on a Soundstage or Sharkstage at Asylum Studios! The exciting 15-minute journey takes you through familiar events and locations from all six Sharknado movies, including scenic features.

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SpongeBob Splash Adventure (Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon)

Located among the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization, it provides hours of nonstop family enjoyment. SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottom Gang will let you enjoy water canons, waterfalls, geysers, slides, and play catch! See the emergence of a Slime-powered civilization and participate in the celebration for the ultimate honor of a 'Great Slime Deluge.' Turn green for the day and revel in the exuberant chaos, full of giggles and laughter.

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Shows at Sunway Lagoon

Be delighted and intrigued with Sunway Lagoon online tickets as there are an array of shows, including performances, parades, and character appearances that can keep you entertained all day long. While meet and greet shows allow you to meet your favorite characters, live animal shows and interactive wild encounters at the Wildlife Park let you get up close and personal with the residents.

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Sunway Lagoon Tickets
Meet & Greet Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

With various meet and greet shows held in the different zones of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, you can meet your favorite characters like Captain Quack and his friends and say Hi to Dora. Snap with SpongeBob and Patrick or meet and greet the Pirates. Also, you can see the Tale of Mount Merapi at the Wildlife Theater.

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Sunway Lagoon Tickets
Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife Park, Malaysia's first interactive animal park, offers guests up-close and personal encounters with over 140 species. With exhibits featuring tigers, lions, bears, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals from all around the world, you can see, meet, and even feed some animals. With Sunway Lagoon tickets, you get access to the Wildlife Park's all zones. The Village, Jungle Trail, Rimba, Aviary, New World Monkey, White Lion Kingdom, Tigerland, Bird Savannah, Pet Village, Tree Top Terrace, and Tree Top Walk zones allow visitors to see animals from close.

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Know Before You Book Sunway Lagoon Tickets

Esential Information
Height Requirements
Rules & Regulations

-Location: Sunway Lagoon SDN BHD (211311-A), 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

-Timings Wednesday to Monday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon Operation Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Closed on Tuesday

-How to Reach

  • By Car: Take the New Pantai Expressway, Federal Highway, KESAS highway, or Damansara-Puchong Expressway to get here from the capital.
  • By Train: Take the LRT or MRT to the USJ 7 LRT stop. From there, catch the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) that will take you directly to the Sunway Lagoon stop.
  • By Bus: Take U63 or U67 bus from the KL Sentral station to the Sunway Pyramid stop, which is directly connected to the theme park. Alternatively, a less expensive option is to ride the free shuttle bus that runs between Sunway City's several stops.

-Best Time to visit The best time to visit the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is around its opening hours on weekdays. Since it is a pretty huge theme park, to get the most out of your visit, arrive as early as possible and begin your fun-filled day as soon as the park opens. Weekends are also the busiest times to visit the park, so it's better to go during the week.

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Tips to Visit Sunway Lagoon

  • If you want to get to the theme park in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible, then take the park's free shuttle bus service. It runs every 25 minutes between the park and the Bandar Sunway region, from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM on weekends.
  • Each person who enters receives a wristband, so you can enter the attraction only after showing the band.
  • Smoke only in the specially established smoking zones.
  • Always accompany your kids and keep an eye on them all the time for their safety.
  • A Quack Pass can be purchased to skip the lines for certain rides and attractions.
  • Lockers are available so you must store your valuables, and rental tubes for the Lazy River, Wave Pool, and other attractions at a reasonable fee.
  • Wet clothing is not permitted in the scream park, and bags, cameras, and other sharp or valuable objects are not permitted on the rides, so you can keep them in the rental locker.
  • Since the weather is typically humid, it is a good idea to bring sunglasses, as well as towels and other essential necessities.
  • Carry a waterproof pouch to keep your phone and other valuables safe while getting into the pool.

Dining at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Snacks & Refreshments
Small Bites & Fast Food

1. Hydration Zone: Stay vigilant and hydrated throughout the day. The Hydration Zone serves a variety of refreshing beverages to quench your thirst and refresh your senses.

2. Take 5: Have a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, a soft drink, or popcorn and a hot dog as a snack. Recharge your batteries and continue to have a good time.

3. Hot & Roll: Hot & Roll offers a wide range of sweet and savory wraps, including crispy wraps, paratha, chapati, and pita, in a variety of delectable flavors. Pick a healthy, tasty delight and consume it on the go.

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FAQs for Sunway Lagoon Tickets

Is outside food allowed in Sunway Lagoon Park?

Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, except for babies or those with special medical needs. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited. Visitors can take a variety of scrumptious delicacies from several outlets located throughout the park.

Can I leave and re-enter the park?

The Sunway Lagoon tickets are only good for one visit. There are no exceptions to this rule. You can, however, re-enter the attractions by displaying the wristband you were given at the time of entry.

What should I wear in the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park?

Appropriate swimwear must be worn at the park at all times for safety and hygiene purposes. Swimsuits, pants, shorts, and t-shirts fit for swimming are permitted in the park.

Can I get wheelchairs at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park?

Sunway Lagoon is wheelchair accessible and offers wheelchair rentals to physically challenged or elderly visitors who are unable to walk. Both standard and motorized wheelchairs are available on rent inside the park.

What is Sunway Lagoon Theme Park famous for?

Sunway Lagoon is well-known for being a one-stop shop for thrills, fun, and entertainment with over 90 rides and attractions spread out in six adventure zones. From the Flying Fox, roller coasters, Bungy Jump, and suspension bridge to many more roller coasters and slides, Sunway Lagoon online tickets allow you access to everything (except a few). A variety of food alternatives are available to make your vacation even more enjoyable. The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park also offers live entertainment and animal encounters, ensuring an ever-lasting experience.

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